How does it work?

Simply give us the LEGAL NAME of the person you are searching for. It is very important and must be be a legal government name. Nick Names or Alias will not often show results. Once we have that established we will do a full search by state of the person of interest.

Please note some states are sanctuary states and will not allow any outside parties to find arrest records.

Expunged or pardoned offenses are often not available. The arrest records of an individual will show regardless of court outcome, whether found guilty or innocent the arrest remains. Please note that just because a person was arrested for a crime does not mean they are guilty.

Arrest records have a full mugshot 99% of the time. They will also show the date/time of arrest and arrest location. The records also usually verify birthdate and age at the time of arrest. Some cases will not have this information and is a local data issue in the system.

Once payment is complete please email a photo of the person of interest to We ask that you email the pictures and info for your privacy. If a current picture is unavailable we can verify via birthdate in most cases.